Retailers are experiencing some disruption to their magazine supply following the full handover of all former Comag titles to new distributors last week.

While some retailers have not noticed any change, others told RN they have been left waiting to receive their usual supply or even received too many titles. 

Nainesh Shah, of Mayhew Newsagents in Belgravia, London, said he has received orders late as well as receiving the wrong quantities, including receiving two separate orders of his usual supply of Harper’s Bazaar last week.

“It’s been a real headache so far. What used to take one phone call can now take 10 because we don’t know the contacts. We are hoping it’s just teething problems and will improve in the next couple of months,” he said.

Jai Patel, of Regent News in Soho, London, added: “We have had a few issues with receiving the wrong magazines and not getting the right number so it has not been smooth so far.”

A Frontline spokesman told RN any disruption had been caused by production and wholesaler issues and not by the handover of titles from Comag.