Raspberry Pi is hoping to fill the gap left by the closure of two Future gaming magazines with a new videogame title.

The technology charity and independent publisher launched Wireframe on 8 November. The £3 magazine includes sections dedicated to newly-released products and game development, offering insight into how games are made. 

Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi, said: “Magazine publishing can be challenging; it demands innovation, and doing things a little differently has certainly paid dividends with our other titles. Wireframe is a vote of confidence in computer gaming journalism, strengthened by a fortnightly model that will enable us to be more responsive.”

The title’s launch comes a week after Future announced the closure of GamesMaster and GamesTM, reducing its videogame portfolio to PC Gamer, Edge, and the official Xbox and PlayStation magazines.

Wireframe’s editor, Ryan Lambie, said the title will “take a more indie-focused, left-field angle than traditional gaming magazines”.

To find out how to stock Wireframe, call 020 7689 3350 

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