The Press Distribution Forum (PDF) has unveiled its first set of figures assessing the monthly performance of wholesalers. 

The data covers March, and is part of the PDF’s plan to make all sides of the supply chain aware of issues with Smiths and Menzies, and how they are managed. 

The figures also show regional differences and which depots experience the most complaints. 

For Smiths News, the figures reveal a total of 464 new complaints, from more than 26,000 deliveries. The worst offender was Hemel Hempstead, followed by Birmingham.

One of the biggest issues were returns, with 115 new complaints opened. 

Menzies received the same number of complaints against total deliveries made, with its worst-offending locations being Wakefield and Maidstone.

The latter location’s complaints doubled – from 100 to 206 – between January and March. Delivery timelines were the biggest source of complaints, again, doubling to more than 200 in the first three months of the year. 

PDF chair Grant Jordan pledged more openness at the start of 2019. 

When unveiling the figures, the PDF said: “These new reports allow greater access for retailers and supply chain partners alike to review complaints at wholesale house level on a monthly basis. 

“Performance metrics within the reports indicate how well each house is managing any complaints, and the share by category for both organisations.”

In a further move for greater transparency, the wholesalers have pledged to improve reporting of complaints in 2019. 

All complaints from the first stage of the report will be logged, giving a better idea of the scale of any problems, according to the Press Distribution Review Panel’s annual report for 2019.

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