Bauer’s television title Pilot TV will no longer be a monthly standalone title, and will instead be distributed quarterly alongside film magazine Empire.

The change comes less than a year after Pilot’s launch in April. The move is intended to give both publications a bigger reach, and allow Empire to focus on digital platforms.

“The feedback from consumers was that they loved the content but wanted more ways to access it. Advertisers wanted greater overall reach,” said Patrick Horton, managing director of Bauer’s film and music portfolio. 

“As a result, we have decided to publish Pilot TV as a quarterly magazine distributed with Empire. 

“The world of cinematic TV continues to expand, excite and occasionally baffle consumers, and Pilot TV has an important role at the heart of it all.”

Pilot TV was launched as a magazine focused on cinematic TV, and Bauer says the publication was aiming to capitalise on the popularity of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It is expected this change will allow Pilot’s content to complement Empire’s focus on movies. 

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