Partworks promised by distributors and publishers after a drought during the traditionally strong month of January will hit the shelves this month. 

Publisher Hachette, which is responsible for partworks such as Classic Routemaster, has revealed its launches. 

Battleship Bismarck and The Terminator: Build the T-800 Endoskeleton will be worth £1,250 and £1,070 in retail revenue for each consumer who buys the complete set of the series. The former is an updated version of a wooden take on the famous warship, which now comes in metal with sounds and lights. The latter is based on the sci-fi films and comes with red eyes and moving parts. 

“The independent sector is hugely important for us,” said Paul Smith, distribution and logistics manager at Hachette.

“We’ll be investing more than £1m in TV advertising for these campaigns, which will help push customers into independent newsagents.

Smith said both partwork titles would generate a combined £1.5m for independents.

“We forecast Battleship Bismarck will generate £1.5m in revenue in the newstrade, and £1.6m revenue for The Terminator: Build the T-800, with 50% of this going to independent retailers across the UK.”

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