A Cardiff convenience store owner has returned his newspaper category to profit after closing his wholesale account and teaming up with another local retailer to receive sub-retailed supplies.

Andrew Jones, of Ael y Bryn Premier Express in Cardiff, was paying a weekly newsbill of around £240, including £40 carriage charges, before he decided to cancel his Smiths News account and buy his papers from fellow Cardiff retailer and NFRN Wales district member Mark Dudden instead. 

Mr Jones told RN: “I was planning to stop selling newspapers – with the carriage charges and staff costs there was turnover but no real profit in it. After a quick chat with Mark, he suggested a profit share. He’s delivering newspapers to customers locally anyway.”

Mr Dudden, of Albany News at the Post Office in Cardiff, now delivers newspapers to Mr Jones every morning and takes a 10% profit cut. 

Mr Jones said: “Instead of basically losing money to provide customers with newspapers, I’m making around £100 a month profit now. 

“Mark gives me a breakdown of sales every week too and adjusts stock according to my sales. These are all things Smiths said they would do, but didn’t. Sales have gone up by 10% to 15% just because I have the stock I need.”

Mr Jones had also stopped selling magazines in his store, but after the success of working with Mr Dudden for newspapers, he has started stocking a small selection of titles again. 

The NFRN has regularly endorsed sub-retailing – working with another retailer who will act as a supplier for newspapers, rather than following the standard wholesale model – as a way for independent retailers to maintain the profitability of selling newspapers and avoid high carriage charges and unreliable deliveries.