More reports of newsagents suffering severe supply issues have surfaced, following a call last week by the NFRN to collect evidence of ‘exceedingly late deliveries’ delayed by an hour or more.

Jas Chatha, of Chatha’s News and Off-Licence in Bradford, told RN that since the start of May, his supplies have arrived on time on only a couple of days. “Menzies deliveries have been constantly late – around two hours late most days and about an hour and a half on other days. Your regulars go elsewhere if it happens for a few days, so you lose sales and customers. There’s no point for them coming in if there are no papers.”

Sam Bashir, from Woodseat’s News in Sheffield, also has persistent issues with late supplies. She said: “Newspapers should arrive at 5.30am, but have been as late as 7:30am, and on more than one occasion we had to go up to Menzies ourselves. It costs us between £80 and a £100 a day on lost sales, and we have to return a huge amount of unsold copies.” 

Mrs Bashir said that since complaints were featured in RN, deliveries had started arriving on time.

“Late deliveries have a huge impact on revenue and customer loyalty and cause retailers to lose the bulk of their morning newspaper sales,” NFRN’s news operation manager Peter Williamson said. 

According to analysis carried out by the federation, 80% of all late deliveries would be on time
if newspapers arrived at the wholesaler 15 minutes earlier.

Speaking to RN, a Menzies representative said: “We’re sorry to hear of late deliveries, as we fully understand the impact these can have on customers’ business. Our local teams are getting to the root of the complaints and will contact customers directly as quickly as possible.”

Retailers with evidence of excessively late deliveries should contact NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376.