Menzies’ improvement of its retailer app and its process to resolve complaints has led to a 50% reduction in calls to the wholesaler, according to its new customer service director Linda Gardner.

The role was created by the company in September, with Mrs Gardner moving into it from her previous position as head of customer service.

The number of calls the company receives has halved from 50,000 a week in 2014 to 25,000 a week currently – a reduction Mrs Gardner attributes to both a rise in the use of the iMenzies app and a rise in problems being resolved after just one call.

Almost half of Menzies’ customers – 14,000 out of 30,000 – now use the app, compared to just 2,500 in 2014, before the latest version of the software was released.

“The idea behind creating my role was to send a message to our customers that we are focused on working closely with them to improve our service and be proactive,” she said.

“We have spent the past two years focusing on being as proactive as we can, with both iMenzies and the telephone system now providing a bespoke message by area letting retailers know about any problems. This is leading to more and more retailers hanging up before even speaking to our staff because they have the information they need.”

Mrs Gardner also attributed the fall in calls to an increased level of accountability for customer service staff to follow every stage of a complaint.

“If a customer call comes through to the centre with a complaint, the person who takes that call is then responsible for making sure it is resolved. The priority is to make sure customers get feedback because the worst thing for them is when they feel they can’t get answers,” she said.

John Parkinson, of Broadway Premier in Penryhn Bay, said he agrees Menzies’ customer service has improved in recent years.

“They are not perfect but they have got much better. I use iMenzies to change my newspaper orders and it’s much quicker and easier than doing it on the phone,” he said.