Condé Nast’s decision to cut Glamour magazine’s frequency from monthly to biannual has not come as a shock to retailers, they told RN, after a change in cover price failed to reduce a significant sales decline for the title. 

The move follows the publisher halving the price of the title to £1 at the start of this year. Glamour content will now be published online first, with the biannual edition billed as the “ultimate beauty bible and style guide”.

“Condé Nast devalued its own product by cutting the price,” said Matthew Clark, of Penylan News in Cardiff.

“Is Glamour a gossip magazine or a quality woman’s monthly? If the publisher is not sure, how can readers be expect to know?”

Paul Bridgewater, of The Cabin in Freshwater, Isle of Wight, said the format change had not been enough to grow sales.

RN columnist Neville Rhodes said the loss in revenue from the price cut had clearly not been out-weighed by enough of an increase in advertising.

Condé Nast managing director Albert Read said today’s Glamour readers move to “a different rhythm” than those who bought it when it launched in 2001.

The last monthly issue will be in December.