Countryside magazine Landscape is increasing its frequency by four issues a year due to reader demand, publisher Bauer has said. 

The title will now be published monthly rather than eight times a year, with Bauer’s group managing director for women’s magazines Kim Slaney crediting its success to people “looking to slow down”. “Landscape reflects a growing number of people seeking relaxation from the simple pleasures of rural life and country ways,” she said. 

“Having 12 issues a year will allow readers to maximise their enjoyment of the British Isles and make the product even more seasonal. Landscape is going from strength to strength due to the breadth of content in the magazine.” 

The publisher’s research shows readers of the magazine are mostly keen gardeners, with 84% gardening at least once a week. They have with an average age of 61, with 87% being female. 

Ms Slaney told RN the higher frequency will mean readers will feel more engaged with the magazine, making them likely to purchase more often.