The UK’s first limited-edition cricket collectable trading cards will be available for retailers to stock from next week. 

All 227 of the official 2018 England cricket trading cards are approved by the England and Wales Cricket Board, and will be available to more than 4,200 retailers from the end of July until October, with each pack priced at £1.50. Stores will receive just two boxes of stock, with no restocking due to the collectable’s limited run.

Publisher Tap’N’Play’s managing director, Neil Armstrong, said: “The limited nature and high-quality production values of the collection adds to the appeal and it’s likely to be particularly sought after.”

Ketan Patel, of Bon Bon in Purley, Surrey, told RN: “I don’t think they will sell like football cards do, but we have some cricket magazines and I’m sure some people will collect it, so I’ll give it a try to see how it goes.“