Average weekly sales of cigarettes and roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco increased year on year after EUTPD II tobacco legislation came into force last year, with budget e-cigarettes rising in popularity. 

RN’s exclusive What To Stock guide shows stockists’ average weekly sales of the top 25 cigarette products grew by £507.41 to a total of £2,306.38. RYO grew £416.91 to £1,343.32. 

Meanwhile, e-cigar-ettes declined £126.33 to £249.91. However, budget e-cigarettes emerged as a growth trend, with 12 new entries for the Edge brand, retailing at £2.50, in this year’s chart.   

Gary Pilsworth, from Offley Stores in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, said his tobacco sales remain stable: “Cigarettes are still the bestseller and roll your own is picking up a lot more because customers can roll a lot off a £25 pack.”

Joe Sweeney, who runs News Centre in Dublin, said e-cigarette sales increased: “Tobacco
sales are on a gradual decline, as people are just looking for cheaper and cheaper cigarettes regardless of brand.

“People are switching to vaping and roll your own as an alternative, so we had a near 20% increase in e-cigarettes last year.”