National Lottery


Camelot is soon to introduce the largest series of changes its retail partners have ever seen, according to the company’s retail director, Duncan Malyon.

The changes seek to reverse the company’s fortunes. “It’s safe to say we had a tough couple of years, and retailers were telling us that,” said Malyon.

Essex retailer Nilesh Patel told Retail Express: “Things like bringing in commissions for prize win tickets have gone down well with retailers, but for their upcoming licence review and retailer trust, the Lottery changes will be make or break for Camelot.”

The lottery operator has doubled its rep team and improved store standards in the run-up to the three major changes.

From 21 November, prize values will increase with three balls alone paying out £25-£30, and the number of rollovers will be reduced to four. On the fifth draw without a jackpot winner, the funds will ‘roll down’ to other prizes.

Explaining the impact on stores, Malyon said: “On roll downs, our retail partners will see significant numbers of people coming into stores to receive £100 – it will create a lot of excitement and bring people back into shops.”

From 2019, Euromillions will be changed to feature frequent “special draws” with more winners. These draws currently deliver a 60% sales increase.

In spring 2019, Camelot will introduce a format never seen before in the UK. 

Malyon described it, stating: “For now it’s the annuity game, but what it really is, is the ‘rich for life’ game, and that is powerful. 

“It has got the potential to bring in new players.”

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