Publisher Bauer has said its move to launch two new magazines in a week is a sign of its commitment to print. 

Crime Monthly and Take a Break Makes both launched on 7 March, priced at £1.99. 

The former is put together by the team behind Heat and derives from an interest in true crime through podcasts such as Serial and programmes like Netflix’s Making A Murderer, while the latter is a craft-based offshoot from the Take a Break brand.

While Crime Monthly will publish regularly, Take a Break Makes is testing the water and will become more regular if it hits targets. 

Rob Munro-Hall, group managing director at Bauer Magazine Media UK, said: “What better way to demonstrate Bauer’s commitment to print than launching two magazines in the same week. 

“Bauer continues to invest in new magazines knowing that they delight readers and offer advertisers exceptional value because of the high-quality attention they command. 

“Print magazines are still very much at the heart of what Bauer does, and the company is always looking to invest in great ideas.” 

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