The autumn issue of women's lifestyle magazine Elle has been printed on 100% recycled paper, providing retailers with a new marketing opportunity. 

As part of the strategy by the title to raise environmental awareness, the issue is printed on 70gsm ultraSKY paper recycled from 100% post-consumer waste, and according to Elle’s supplier paper mill Leipa, the move is calculated to “save” the equivalent of 1,000 trees.

Nainesh Shah, from Mayhew Newsagents in London, told RN: “This is a popular move, as people nowadays are very conscientious of keeping the environment clean and any recyclable item catches people’s attention. The magazine looks good, but the cover only says ‘sustainability issue’, which can mean a lot of things – now that I know it is made of 100% recycled paper, I will market it accordingly.”

The autumn issue was chosen specifically for the campaign because it is a bumper issue. Publisher Hearst has confirmed the September issue of Elle will be its biggest edition of the year.

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