Retailers should capitalise on demand for unicorn-themed foods

Retailers should capitalise on demand for unicorn-themed foods
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Retailers should offer unicorn-themed slushies, to capitalise on demand for unicorn-themed foods, supplier Nichols has said. 

Ed Jones, senior customer marketing manager for Vimto out-of-home, said the company’s new watermelon Unicorn Starslush with a ‘shimmer finish’ will help drive sales of frozen drinks as it targets adults as well as kids. 

“Watermelon is a favourite with consumers and according to data analyst TGI, it is growing at 3.9% year on year,” he said. 

Anita Nye, of Premier Eldred Drive Stores in Kent, predicted the product will be especially popular with children.

“I’ve seen a lot of schoolchildren taking part in the unicorn fad, and I’d probably swap our strawberry flavour for the watermelon,” she said. 

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By Priyanka Jethwa Avatar
By Priyanka Jethwa 06 Mar, 2018



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