Retailer Choice Awards 2018

Retailer choice awards 2018
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It’s time for this year’s RN Retailer Choice Awards. As always, it is a chance to celebrate the best supplier activity of the past year, and the choice of who wins is up to you.

As the year comes to an end, it is worth taking a moment to think about quite how remarkable 2018 has been – a year filled with opportunities and threats like no other. 

There was the arrival of the sugar tax – bringing health legislation into the soft drinks category for the first time. Then there was the hottest summer Britain had experienced for 42 years. In amongst that, the huge repercussions of consolidation continued with the arrival of Unitas – simply the latest stage in this saga. 

All along the way, retailers have been searching for partners who can help them overcome difficulties and grow, and suppliers who will provide the products that will drive footfall and sales.

Now it is time to recognise the industry’s best work with the 2018 RN Retailer Choice Awards. This year’s 10 categories highlight different areas where excellence has occurred with 55 individual nominations included. 

Now is your chance to pick your winners. From now until 11 December, you have the opportunity to vote for winners in each category by going to Then find out who wins in RN’s 21 December issue. 

UPDATE: Voting is now closed - Find out the RCA results in RN 21 December, 2018

Voting is now closed

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By RN 05 Dec, 2018


  • By chander Hingorani 21 Dec, 2018

    Independents do a fantastic job in providing service and value. They are open 6am to 11pm. They are the backbone of retailing and long may it continue.

Have you seen a boost in own-label products in the past year?

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