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Selling on Impulse, Pratik Sampat

Pratik Sampat

  • Location: Penge, south-east London
  • Store size: 1,000 sq ft, small impulse/convenience
  • Been in business: 6 years
  • Customers: mixture, mainly elderly

Pratik Sampat’s south London store is 100 years old. He has owned it for six years and, after taking a break, returned to run it a year and half ago. The store has had a refit and majors on cards and stationery, not least because the opening of a 99p Store nearby has had a serious effect on soft drinks and confectionery sales. Pratik believes in creating a point of difference rather than competing head on and has invested in a huge range of cards and gifts as well as offering passport photos and pricemarked products.



  • Confectionery displayed on main fixture, under till, midway down shop.
  • All new lines stocked at launch, and customer requests used to increase range.
  • Pratik is keen to increase sales and improve merchandising.

Soft Drinks

  • Soft drinks displayed in open chiller by window at front of store.
  • Best sellers include Coke and Diet Coke and bottled formats.
  • Range recently reduced to cut number of products and focus on best sellers.

Crisps & Snacks

  • Crisps and snacks displayed on one fixture to side of till.
  • Stock received from direct-to-store vans.
  • Range exclusively from Walkers, with access to point-of-sale material and merchandising advice.

Category Advice

Mars: ConfectioneryMars, selling on impulse, logo

  • Introduce the right range of confectionery to the main confectionery fixture.
  • Multiface the best sellers.
  • Group products by category and allocate space according to sales.
  • Increase gifting range of chocolate to tie into other gifting categories in the store.

GSK: Soft DrinksGSK, selling on impulse, logo

  • Group like products together and give more facings to top selling products.
  • Tighten up vertical blocking.
  • Implement a needstates flow to make it easy to find products.
  • Reduce facings on slow selling lines.

PepsiCo: Crisps & SnacksWalkers, selling on impulse, logo, pepsico

  • Extend the range of standard crisp flavours to provide greater choice.
  • Add a clipstrip of “better for you” ranges such as Walkers Baked, Sunbites and Lights to appeal to female customers.
  • Add new flavours to create added interest among regular customers.
  • Introduce Walkers’ two for 70p promotional packs.



  • 23% better performance than total market in one month after changes.
  • Improved understanding of the need to keep to a core range and improve merchandising.
  • Advice made section easier to run, including understanding what to stock and what to delist.
  • Merchandising led to increased sales and visibility for several leading products.

Soft Drinks

  • 15% growth above the market.
  • Increased sales of more profitable formats, such as bottles, due to new merchandising.
  • Adherence to a core range of well merchandised products that increased profitability and made section easier to run.
  • Better understanding of which products to stock and those to delist.

Crisps & Snacks

  • Demonstrated the importance of stocking secondary flavours to offer customers greater choice.
  • Better understanding of effective category management.
  • Encouraged analysis of sales records to identify a range and display tailored to specific customer base.
  • Highlighted the importance of promotions and the need to use these further in future.
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By betterRetailing ⁣ 06 Oct, 2010



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