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Patrick Patel

  • Location: Crofton Park, South London
  • Shop size: 3,000 sq ft, supermarket style
  • Been in the business: 30 years
  • Customers: “high-end” mums, families, office workers

Patrick Patel’s store started out as a newsagent and expanded into a convenience store. Two years ago, Patrick and his family joined Budgens and around 60% of its original customers were replaced by mums, families, “yuppies and high-end people”, as Patrick puts it. The store’s best sellers are alcohol, pop and fresh and chilled produce. It also sells organic and gluten-free products, and offers a number of free services to encourage footfall. Patrick got involved in the project because he admitted that having a supermarket format has meant “newsagent lines”, such as drinks and chocolates, have suffered from a lack of attention.



  • Confectionery displayed on 3 metre main layout mid-store, described by Patrick as “haphazard”.
  • Kids’ products low on shelves.
  • Block chocolates high on shelf.

    Crisps & Snacks

    • Crisps and snacks merchandised together in tight space mid-store.
    • No planograms followed.
    • Promotions such as Walkers’ two for £1 deal working effectively.

    Soft Drinks

    • Displayed on main fixture on aisle next to entrance.
    • Wide range to incorporate main brands and niche to suit customer base.
    • All products chilled, including larger packs.

    Category Advice

    Mars: ConfectioneryMars, selling on impulse, logo

    • Rationalise range by 10%.
    • Do a full relay, multifacing best sellers, grouping products by category and allocating space according to sales.
    • Create a themed area with relevant point-of-sale material.
    • Build display of the best selling bitesize confectionery lines near the beers, wines and spirits area.

    PepsiCo: Crisps & SnacksWalkers, selling on impulse, logo, pepsico

    • Relay the fixture to focus on best sellers and optimise range.
    • Place chiller baskets containing core products by sandwiches.
    • Create a secondary display in the beers, wines and spirits section with a range of sharing bags.
    • Maximise market-leading promotions such as Walkers Flavour Cup by using secondary sites and PoS material.

    GSK: Soft DrinksGSK, selling on impulse, logo

    • Group like products together and implement a needstates flow to make it easy to find products.
    • Smarten up vertical blocking.
    • Reduce facings on slow selling lines.
    • Give more facings to top selling products.



    • Increased volumes ordered from wholesalers.
    • Customers often buying two bars of chocolate instead of one.
    • Vastly improved layout with blocked categories naturally leading on to each other.
    • 41% more bagged confectionery and 8% more countlines sold.
    • 11% increase in units of confectionery sold.

    Crisps & Snacks

    • Sales of single bags up 50% in-store between May and July, compared to February to April, before the changes were made.
    • Large increase in sharing bags sales – up 101% during the project – due to secondary site placement.
    • 58% overall rise in crisps and snacks sales.
    • High sales generated from secondary sites, such as baskets in chillers and placements near alcohol.
    • Better understanding of different sales patterns on different days and the need to adapt displays accordingly.

    Soft Drinks

    • Drinks sales increased through better placement in the chiller, especially water and energy drinks.
    • 17% growth versus the market.
    • Improved shopping experience for customers due to clear blocking of products.
    • Improved marketing of key brands and products, advertising store’s core range to customers.
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By betterRetailing ⁣ 06 Oct, 2010



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