BP and Shell in Deliveroo delivery trial

One retailer commented: 'This is another nail in the coffin... customers now have another reason not to visit their nearest convenience store'


BP and Shell are currently undertaking delivery trials with online platform Deliveroo.

Better Retailing has uncovered that more than 100 Shell sites are now providing food to go, groceries, alcohol, crisps, snacks and confectionery for home delivery through a partnership struck a year ago.

Shell retail marketing manager Michael Hominick said: “We are very happy to see our stores, which are used for their convenient locations in communities, developing into these areas of customer demand via Deliveroo.”

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BP also has what it described as a “small-scale trial” with Deliveroo underway that includes it being one of two national chains that have been allowed to sell tobacco through the platform.

In January, independent stores that had been denied the ability to sell tobacco through the app expressed outrage when Co-op was first allowed to range tobacco products.

The pricing at BP on tobacco sits more than £1 above the RRP, with a BP forecourt in Ealing selling Kingsize Benson & Hedges Silver for £11.50.

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Adam Hogwood, of Budgens Broadstairs in Kent, said: “This is another nail in the coffin. The prices for tobacco are reasonably competitive, and customers now have another reason not to visit their nearest convenience store.”

“I approached Deliveroo asking to use their services, but they claimed I didn’t have the right customers. They came back to me several months later, but I declined.”

A source alleged Deliveroo is now allowing any convenience store to sell tobacco, subject to compliance with regulations, but this was contradicted by new unsuccessful attempts by independent shop owners already working with the platform to list tobacco lines.

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