Sugar tax extension proposed by PHE

Milk-based drinks should be included in soft drinks levy, says public health body

Sugar tax extension proposed

Experts have proposed a sugar tax extension as Public Health England (PHE) blamed suppliers for failing to meet its targets to reduce sugar in food.

PHE research showed sugar content in food fell by 2.9% between 2015 and 2018, while sugar content in soft drinks fell 29% since 2015.

How to: Adapting to the sugar tax

The soft drinks levy was introduced last year to discourage the sale of drinks containing excessive amounts of sugar.

Action on Sugar said other products should be included in the sugar tax extension.

Campaign director of Action on Sugar Katharine Jenner said: “When motivated, the food industry can give us healthier options. It is imperative the levy is applied to calorie-dense processed foods and milk-based drinks that meet an agreed criterion set by government.”

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