Sainsbury’s the only supermarket ready for HFSS

The supermarket has not stopped promoting unhealthy products, however

HFSS promotions ban

Sainsbury’s is the only supermarket to have prepared for the government’s upcoming high fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) restrictions, according to a study by charity ShareAction.

In a survey commissioned by the body over a five-week period between August and September, Sainsbury’s was found to be the only supermarket to have ceased multibuy promotions on non-compliant HFSS products.

In comparison, it claimed Morrisons and Asda ran more than 300 promotions per week that would breach the restrictions.

What is HFSS?

Tesco ran 120 promotions during the period. When HFSS comes into force in October 2022, stores larger than 2,000sq ft will be banned from running multibuy promotions on products such as chocolate, crisps and sweets.

Although Sainsbury’s had ceased promotions on HFSS products, ShareAction said the supermarket had not stopped promoting unhealthy products.

Find out if HFSS affects your store

It claimed it had shifted its promotional strategy to focus on products such as meal deals instead.

ShareAction senior manager Ignacio Vasquez said: “With £2 in every £3 spent on food going to supermarkets, these companies have a major influence on the nation’s eating habits.

“By better integrating considerations around nutrition in their promotional and marketing strategies, progressive retailers can stay ahead of growing regulation in this space while driving improvements in public health outcomes.”

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