Retailers urged to claim fast

convenience, retail, looting, riots, london, hackney, clarence roadIndependent retailers who have been affected by the senseless violence sweeping the nation over the past three nights have been advised to get claims for damages in within seven days or risk losing out.

ACS Chief Executive, James Lowman said on Twitter, “Retailers need to get insurance claims in quickly (7 days) under the Riot Damages Act (1886) which STILL covers incidents like this.”

Talking Retail spoke to City law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP who explained that claims for riot damage must be filed typically within 7 days. If they do so the insurer can make a claim for damages against the police under the Riot Damages Act.

I visited a retailer in Hackney this morning who had lost everything. The shop counter was gone, torn to pieces, and not a shred of stock was left. The image featured here is from his shop, and as you can see, the shelves are bare.

He said to me that he had no contents insurance, so this piece of legislation could really help him. Meanwhile, the ACS have been issuing retailers with advice ahead of possible continued violence this evening:

  1. If violence is occurring in the locality, and if in doubt, close your store and use shutters where possible to protect the business.
  2. Consider where you and your staff will be safest, and go there swiftly.

Rav Garcha, who owns two shops in the midlands is a testament to this having earlier tweeted, “Do not attempt to protect ur business. Please all if u have a business stay away do not get involved. We were hit 4 times while we were in repairing damage.”


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