Honesty, integrity and reputation

Yesterday Manchester shop worker Farrakh Nizzar was jailed for 30 months after fraudulently attempting to claim a £1 million prize that belonged to an elderly lady. Following the crime, Camelot have removed their National Lottery terminal from the store where Nizzar was working.

This is a case that effects all small store owners because it calls in to question one of the key strengths that community based independent retailers have  – their (hard-earned) reputation for honesty and integrity.

Dishonest staff is a challenge that retailers face everyday as employees are confronted with the temptation of cash and valuable stock, but it is possible to put systems in place to minimise the likelihood of crimes.

When the dishonesty is perpetrated against your customers it is a direct assault on you as a business person. It attacks your reputation and brings into question whether you are a ‘fit and proper person’. This is a term that the State uses to measure your suitability to undertake a variety of roles including operating a licensed premise.

Farrakh Nizzar thought his reputation was worth just £1 million. Mine is priceless, what is yours worth?


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