Fraudsters can defeat Chip and PIN using household appliances

Tony Sales shocked an assembled audience of loss prevention experts by showing how fraudsters are defeating Chip and PIN.

Tony Sales, the man dubbed by the British media as “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster”, shocked an assembled audience of loss prevention experts, by showing how fraudsters are defeating Chip and PIN with nothing more than a domestic iron and a tin of full fat Ambrosia custard… 

At the Retail Fraud Show – Leicester, held at the King Power Stadium on 10th October, Sales held a seminar for the 300 plus in attendance that was hoped to improve awareness of his new staff training programme, designed to stop retail staff accepting fake credit cards, ID and documentation, It is estimated that such fakes are used in more than 60% of all frauds, according to a recent survey by CIFAS, costing retailers hundreds of millions every year and growing.

Once dubbed “Britain’s Greatest Fraudster”, Sales spent six years on the run for defrauding retailers, finance houses and financial institutions out of £30,000,000 through false identities, credit cards and other fraudulent schemes.

He is now a reformed character and whilst he is not proud of his title, he is determined to put his extensive, unique skills to good use.

At his latest seminar, Sales showed a video of how easily fraudsters can create cards for use in scams.

Using an ironing board, a steam iron and a tin of Ambrosia custard, Tony showed the audience how to easily circumvent the security relied upon and create a working card, good for tens of thousands of pounds, in just a few minutes! Needless to say those accepting chip and PIN in their stores were keen to register their interest in attending the course.

Tony commented: “Once a fraudster discovers a loophole it is shared amongst any gang members so that the fraud can be repeated hundreds and thousands of times. As a fraudster I was always able to think outside the box. Making the most of my specialist fraud expertise, I have now made a career working alongside retailers to combat retail fraud.”



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