Retailer fights landlord who wants to take away his business and home

A South-west London retailer is taking his landlord to court over proposals that would rob him and his family of their home and business.

Sunny Patel has run Sunny News in Wandsworth since 1987, but his landlord applied for planning permission from the local council last year to convert the property into residential homes.

Despite a petition against the move and 430 objection letters from the local community, the plans have been approved.

Patel is taking the case to court and is awaiting a hearing date. Meanwhile, he is keeping stock levels low in preparation for losing his income. “I’ve looked into getting another unit in the area but everything is very expensive – we know this area and survive on delivery rounds so this location is very good for us,” he said.

“I live above the shop with my wife and two children, who all help in the shop, so we would have to find somewhere else to live if this goes ahead.”

He called for an amendment to legislation to protect tenants in cases like his where a home and business is at stake. “I have been an exceptional tenant and never been late on rent, but I have no rights”, he added.


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