Retailer awaiting verdict on ‘groundbreaking’ case against landlord

Sunny Patel's fight to save his London store, Sunny News, from conversion into a residential property, has been heard by a high court judge.

London retailer Sunny Patel’s case against his landlord converting his store into a residential property was heard by a High Court Judge earlier this month – but Patel is still awaiting a verdict on the future of Sunny News.

On May 3 this year, Retail Express reported that the case was set to go to trial after the Planning Inspectorate overturned a council decision to protect Patel’s store as an asset of community value. Local residents raised thousands of pounds to support their community shop.

“Either way, this will have a huge implication for independent retail businesses,” Patel told Retail Express.

“The verdict will be groundbreaking. High property prices are encouraging landlords to turn their properties into residences, especially in London. Legislation has to be changed so only vacant shops can be converted.”

Patel is due to receive the judge’s decision within the next few weeks.


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