Energy-crisis latest: retailers in Republic of Ireland now call for more government help battling rising utility costs

The introduction of the rise in minimum wage from April is also causing widespread concern among retailers

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Retailers in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) have called on the government for more support in battling increasing overhead costs.

The recent energy crisis has left stores with rising utility bills, with inflation also resulting in price rises for grocery products.

The introduction of the rise in minimum wage from April is also causing concern. ROI’s NFRN district president, Martin Mulligan, sent a letter to the minister for environment, climate and communications, Eamon Ryan, last week.

“We have no voice,” he told Better Retailing. “It’s not as though they are not aware of our problems, but they just take no notice.

Independent retailers call on the government for support over rising energy bills

“We are not being listened to and they are not taking our concerns into consideration.”

Mulligan’s store has been hit by rising energy prices in recent months.

“My monthly electricity bill was more than double the average last month,” he said.

“I contacted my provider and they told me that my contract expired at the end of November.

“They wouldn’t renew it at the old rate and were now charging the maximum, which came to more than €6,000.”

Tom McDermott, of Londis Newsagents in County Tipperary, has also been struggling since the start of the year.

“I have tried everything to lower costs in the store. We have been hit with too many increases and there is nothing left that we can physically do,” he said.

“The only thing we can rely on now is if support is granted by the Irish government.”

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