A badge to win retail hearts

12102009331I was in the House of Commons on Monday as just under 100 local retailers attempted to persuade their MPs to vote against the tobacco display ban – legislation that may impact on their shops in the future.

Outside the House, they had been wearing t-shirts to promote their businesses. Inside, the dress code meant they needed to revert to using lapel badges. The message was simple: I love my shop! While the main business was persuasion – and there was a lot of talking – this simple visual symbol kept on popping into view.

When I left, one of my strongest impressions was that these retailers cared about their businesses and they had taken the time to come to London to tell MPs they cared about their businesses. I am confident the stickers will have made an impression on MPs.

Using similar labels in your business will work too! People do respond to what they see. Are you missing a trick in your shop.


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