In Tweets: Industry responds to Brexit

Find out how the independent retail community is reacting to this morning's EU referendum results.

The results are in, and the British public has made a controversial decision to leave the EU.

With a final result of 51.9% of the population voting Leave, the initial aftermath has left the nation divided. We've been monitoring Twitter for the industry's reactions – here's what you've been saying so far:

1. Some have responded positively, seeing the impending Brexit as a "new era" for the UK

2. Others were open in expressing their disappointment:

3. Meanwhile, Eugene Diamond, a Northern Irish newsagent reflected on the results for his local area:

4. Steven Denham reminded Twitter that NFRN members were in favour of Brexit

5. And some took a lighthearted approach:

6. The owner of Mike's News in Chepstow had newspaper supply issues this morning:

7. While retail bodies predicted how businesses would be impacted:

What are your thoughts on the referendum result? Let us know in the comments below, or send an email to chloe.taylor@newtrade.co.uk.


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