Redundancy payout for ex-P&H employees

Redundancy payout for ex-P&H employees
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Former employees of collapsed wholesaler Palmer & Harvey (P&H) have won a legal battle in the employment tribunal to receive eight weeks of redundancy pay owed. 

The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) successfully helped the former staff receive a Protective Award after giving evidence against P&H in court. 

The Protective Award entitles eight weeks of redundancy pay to former employees with a grade of M4 or below employed at sites with more than 20 employees. 

Grade M4 refers to staff at a managerial level, such as branch department, sales and transport staff. 

All former employees are entitled to the award, regardless of whether they are an USDAW member or not.

The Protective Award entitles staff to up to 90 days’ redundancy pay. 

However, ex-P&H employees will receive eight weeks’ worth as it is being funded by the government, not P&H.

An email to former employees from USDAW national officer Mark Todd said: “As you will
be aware, USDAW attended the employment tribunal and gave evidence to support our Protective Award claim against P&H. 

“The award will be paid by the Redundancy Payments Office.”

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By Alex Yau Avatar
By Alex Yau 14 Mar, 2019


  • By Dean 20 Mar, 2019

    Well done usdaw as if it isn't hard enough to get people to join a trade union you give them another reason not to because of your attitude to the rest of the P&H workforce.
    I bet the tories are loving you.

    • By Andrew 20 Mar, 2019

      Does anyone know what the latest is? Should us non USDAW members just expect to get nothing?

  • By Mason 18 Mar, 2019

    Any idea when the payment will be made?

  • By Andrew 15 Mar, 2019

    Has this been confirmed that non USDAW members will receive this as well? Saw something from the insolvency office stating that despite initial reports from USDAW that might not be the case.

    • By Brand 19 Mar, 2019

      People that didn’t commit to the union should not be automatically granted the award. Have them group together to fund their own legal action.

      • By Andrew 19 Mar, 2019

        Yes but when a few of us spoke to a solicitor about lodging a claim they told us they couldn’t represent us as we would also be covered under the USDAW bargaining unit.

        • By Ben 19 Mar, 2019

          Your talking rubbish mate we all got treated the same that day not just you precious union members.

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