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In a young but fast expanding market; are you taking full advantage of this new thirst for energy drinks? betterRetailing listens in as Red Bull’s Will Burns passes his trade secrets to two retailers

Summer is a great time to improve your soft drinks fixture and grow sales, and the best way to do that is by making it easy to follow and enticing to shop. betterRetailing joins Red Bull’s category specialist Will Burns to find out how offering choice and following simple merchandising principles can drive sales in two stores with very different shoppers.

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Focus on:

Siva Pandian

Nisa Virginia Quay, London

“Being located near offices, our energy drinks are the most popular. People visit in the morning and buy three at once. Red Bull is our bestselling brand and despite the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, the full sugar drinks are selling well. Others are not, though, and I want increase my soft drinks sales and replace the less popular brands with energy drinks, milk-based beverages or health drinks.”

Expert Advice

Will Burns

Category Specialist, Red Bull

 “With two separate chillers in a 3,000 sq ft store, it’s hard for Siva to judge how much space to give fast-selling lines. By stocking soft drinks by his customers’ needs, rather than by brand he’ll make it easier for customers to shop, so we’ll implement a sequence of ‘refresh-stimulate-hydrate’. We’ll do this vertically, as customers can’t see horizontally across the entire shelf, and create visual impact with fewer facings, drawing the eye up.”

Action Plan

  • Choice: Reduce the number of facings and use the space to add more sugar-free lines within best-selling ranges to give his shoppers more choice.

  • Logical flow: Instead of displaying products by brand, arrange them by shopper needs by an easy-to-follow sequence of ‘refresh-stimulate-hydrate’, which speeds up purchasing.

  • Vertical blocking: Arrange products vertically by sub-category so customers can easily find what they want, increasing impulse purchases.

The Opportunity 

                      shoper-can-only-see-bubble.png                sports-and-energy-bubble.png

Focus On

Nishi Patel

Londis Bexley Park, London

“Most soft drinks sell well, largely because our residential customer base is so diverse. It’s a nice problem, but I need to know what to reduce and what to increase space for as we are refurbishing soon and our chillers will have fewer shelves. I want to keep as many lines as possible, but it needs to be easier to shop.”

Will Says

“Because Nishi is catering to so many different tastes, the chillers are tough to navigate, and shoppers could get confused. By positioning the premium brands at eye level, shoppers can instantly see what area they should be looking at. To maintain customer choice, reduce the number of facings and ensure the space you give these lines aligns with your sales.”

Action Plan 

  • Create impact: Putting premium brands at eye level, or the ‘strike zone’ will make the fixture easier to shop, gain customers’ attention and open them up to viewing the full range.

  • Choice: Adding some large format and sugar-free options to Nishi’s fast-selling ranges will ensure his customers can pick from the full range, increasing the likelihood of them buying.​​​​​​​

  • Prioritise best-sellers: Giving more space to top sellers, and having fewer facings of niche lines will make the fixture easier to shop for Nishi’s customers and encourage multiple purchases.

Red Bull Tips for your Store

  • Merchandise in flow: refresh, stimulate, hydrate

  • Block brands vertically to improve ease of shopping

  • Split category space according to share of sales

  • Focus on the top three brands for each sub-category

  • Put signpost brands at eye level for each sub-category

  • Create clear price labels and use branded PoS

If you would like to improve the performance of your store, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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By betterRetailing ⁣ 23 Jul, 2018



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