It's 'absolutely vital' that retailers embrace the craft beer trend

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Retailers looking to introduce craft beer into their stores should stock accessible brands at a price that reflects the quality of the products.

That was the advice from Steve Ricketts, head of sales at Brewdog, who said it is now “absolutely vital” that independent retailers embrace the craft beer trend driven by consumers looking to trade up from mainstream beer.

“To date, craft breweries have suffered from limited distribution but with new advances and a higher appetite from savvy customers, there is a great opportunity for craft in convenience,” he added.

Retailers should start with brands like Brewdog Punk IPA, Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn, which attract new shoppers to the category and encourage them to brand out.

“Craft beer shoppers know the nature of the beer they’re buying and are prepared to pay a little more.”

By Chris Dillon Avatar
By Chris Dillon 19 Jan, 2017



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