People in London spent the most on Vype products last year online through its website, equating to 40% of its total UK sales, new research by the brand has revealed.

Analysing online sales on between January and October 2020, the brand found there were more transactions in the south-east compared to elsewhere, stressing the growing importance of e-commerce for the category in the region.

When looking at the top biggest-spending cities on the website, London accounted for 83% of sales, followed by Birmingham (4%) and Glasgow (3%).

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Turning to flavours, the top-selling varieties online were consistent across the UK.

Attributed to the introduction of the characterising flavour ban last May, Crisp Mint is currently leading as the bestselling variety, followed by Blended Tobacco, Dark Cherry, Chilled Mint and Golden Tobacco.

The only two regions this differed in is Northern Ireland, where Crushed Mint is the bestselling Vype flavour, and Yorkshire, where they prefer Blended Tobacco.

Meanwhile, in a survey conducted among 2,000 adult vapers across the UK, Liverpool is home to adults who have vaped the longest – with 58% of respondents having vaped for three years or more.

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Belfast and Glasgow, meanwhile, are home to the largest group of adults who currently vape as an alternative to smoking.

However, of all respondents who would “consider vaping as an alternative to smoking”, it is Bristolians who lead the charge, with 6% saying they would consider the option in the future, highlighting the potential of the category in the region.

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Aftab Saleem, head of e-commerce UK&I at Vype, said: “It’s great to see the biggest reason adult nicotine consumers are turning to vape products is that they are looking for a smoke-free alternative, followed by the fact they enjoy the taste.

“That certainly is represented in the UK’s top flavours, with classic flavours coming out on top across the board.”

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