VR What is Swedish Match and what do you offer?

MJ Swedish Match has been around for more than 100 years and our vision is ‘a world without cigarettes’. We have been instrumental in creating the so-called ‘Swedish experience’ with our snus products, providing consumers with a high-quality alternative to smoking, and believe in offering nicotine users suitable alternatives.

Swedish Match first launched Zyn tobacco-free nicotine pouch in the UK in 2019. No single product fits all consumers’ needs and usage occasions, but we believe Zyn nicotine pouches represent a significant opportunity both in commercial and harm-reduction terms.

Why should retailers invest in your products?

Zyn has grown exponentially since its launch in the US around five years ago. Swedish Match are specialists in oral tobacco, giving us a single-minded focus on delivering the highest possible quality products that meet, and hopefully exceed, our customers’ Mattias Josander, vice-president of business unit international at Swedish Match, explains how the company plans to support conveneince retailers expectations. Swedish Match has conducted extensive research with UK consumers and supported Zyn with strong consumer education activities.

What are the key facts retailers need to know about pouches?

The most obvious difference between pouches and other nextgen nicotine products, such as vapes, is that nothing is inhaled and exhaled. This means users can enjoy Zyn whenever and wherever they want, together with friends and family – and in our lockeddown life these days, that means no more having to leave the important video conference call or having to worry about how to manage while wearing a mask. Zyn has no tobacco, no smoke, no vapour and no device.

How can stores best market these products to their shoppers?

Many shoppers are not yet familiar with nicotine pouches, so having them highly visible in store is critical to drive curiosity and trial. Swedish Match offers a range of Swedish Match explains how nicotine pouches can boost your sales merchandising solutions for all types and store sizes. Education about the product is also key: we recommend showing your customer a pouch, explaining what it contains and how to use it – you can find all this information at zyn.com

Finally, it’s important to offer a range of different flavours and strengths to satisfy the needs of all potential customers.

How have your products performed in other markets?

Nicotine Pouches are relatively new in many European markets, but where they are more established, we have a strong track record in terms of sales. We are, for example, the number two brand in Sweden and the number one brand in the US.

We know pouches appeal to smokers looking for reduced harm, non-combustible alternatives, and to smokers and vapers who find themselves in situations where they cannot, or don’t want to, smoke or vape. We believe as consumers continue to look for alternatives, Zyn and the nicotine pouch category as a whole has a huge growth potential.

What makes your pouches different from your competitors?

The Zyn pouch is smaller and more discreet than other slim pouches in the market, which appeals to those concerned about the appearance of the pouch under their lip, or the feel.

It may, therefore, be especially appealing to nicotine consumers trying oral products for the first time. Swedish Match’s products are manufactured in Sweden to the highest possible industry standards, and a single pouch can give you up to one hour of nicotine satisfaction.

Swedish Match’s top three tips

Stock a range of strengths and flavours

Make sure you offer customers a wide range of strengths and flavours to satisfy the needs of all your nicotine users.

Site products in a prominent location

Make the product visible by siting it in your nextgen display, and show shoppers the product by opening a test pack.

Explain who the product might best suit

The pouch is more discreet than other options, which appeals to those concerned about the appearance of the pouch under their lip.

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