Philip Morris unveils new buy-back details

Philip Morris Limited has revealed further details of its buy-back scheme to support retailers following the ban on menthol cigarettes, as its Iqos Menthol Kits become available to stock.

The system will allow retailers to return Philip Morris menthol cigarette packs which have had all UK duty paid, and be in plain packaging.

Iqos Menthol Kits launched by Philip Morris Limited

Philip Morris packs eligible for the scheme include Marlboro Green, Marlboro Ice Blast and Chesterfield Green.

It is open to retailers from 20 May 2020, when the ban comes into force, and retailers have until 1 July 2020 to register their interest and submit the quantity of menthol cigarettes they possess. Retailers will then have until 1 September 2020 to return their unsold packs and the supplier will use recorded delivery options for retailers to return stock.

All retailers will be able to access the system including those not already part of Philip Morris’ retailer programme, Heetwave.

Retailers not signed up to the Heetwave Open platform will need to register via the retailer hub at, where they can also sign up to become Iqos Menthol Kit stockists.

Philip Morris launches new menthol ban site for retailers

The supplier said that once introduced to Iqos, more than half (51%) of menthol smokers said they would switch to the heated tobacco product when menthol cigarettes are no longer available.

Kate O’Dowd, head of field force in the UK & Ireland, said: “Philip Morris’ buy-back system will support retailers following the implementation of the menthol cigarette ban, while our Iqos Menthol Kits will open up new profit streams and help businesses retain those menthol customers who do not or cannot quit nicotine and tobacco use completely.”

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