More vaping consumers are prioritising value-for-money lines and are actively looking for cheaper alternatives as opposed to flash discounts.

This is according to Zeus Group chief executive officer Paul Curtis, who told Vape Retailer the company has noticed more users this year increasingly looking for products that offer “sustained value”, without compromising quality and integrity, above anything else.

This, he said, is preferred over flash, one-off discounts, as in the long run they do not offer the same value.

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In light of this, the supplier has switched strategies to launch a new short fill range, Proper Vape, which promises to be more than 50% cheaper than its leading competitors.

With an RRP of £9.99 for a 100ml bottle, Proper Vape comes in Blueberry Bubblegum, Citrus Drink, Grape Soda, Berries & Grapes and Raspberry Sherbet varieties.

“With this new range, we can offer value for money year-round with a fairly-priced, accessible product,” he said. “Research suggests that for someone smoking 20 cigarettes per day, they are likely to spend around £4,745 each year; comparatively, switching to buying one 100ml bottle of Proper Vape per week would save a customer approximately £3,545 per year.”

Curtis also said investing in value ranges is beneficial for convenience retailers as it is low risk, due to its low costs, good margins and strong availability.

“All of our e-liquids are produced in-house using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are fully traceable back to each individual bottle. Plus, as everything is manufactured onsite, we have the ability to produce a million bottles per week, so can easily meet demand,” he said.

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