Vape manufacturer Magic Mist is offering independent retailers £500-worth of vaping stock on sale or return.

The deal includes no upfront payment, structured so one or both devices can be taken and only stock sold is paid for at a later date.

The devices include Realism Pro, which is designed to deliver the similar hit of a traditional cigarette in a cigarette-sized, fast-charging device. It features the power of much larger devices.

The second device is Nic-Hit Pro, a pod-mod device featuring a spin-to-close design so customers don’t vape pocket-fluff, and a fast charging battery that is twice the size of many of its competitors.

Backed by a £1m marketing campaign, both devices use pre-filled refills and are available to retailers in premium counter display units.

To find out more about the vaping stock, call the betterRetailing team on 020 7689 3355

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