Vape Station has partnered with Aspire to launch a new promotional campaign ahead of Stoptober.

Stoptober is a 28-day stop smoking challenge created by the NHS.

The campaign will offer consumers an Aspire Minican device for the discounted price of £10, plus a free 10ml Vertu E-liquid.

The Minican compact refillable pod system is designed for consumers who are new to the category. It features rubber paint, which gives the holder a better grip while providing a smooth feel, and is dust-proof.

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The device has a refillable pod that is easy to refill, and to use, consumers must pull out the pod from the battery, and lift the silicon seal to fill it with their preferred e-liquid.

The leak-proof silicone design set inside the filling port complies with TDP leak-free standards. It also has a 350mAh battery capacity that can charged via a micro USB point.

Real Trading, Vape Station’s manufacturer, said the promotion is designed to encourage smokers to make the transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping.

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The promotional pack costs £100 including VAT, and contains 12 Minican devices and 12 free 10ml Vertu Vape E-liquids, as well as a PoS pack consisting of stut cards, posters and flyers.

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