The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association (TMA) has warned small retailers are at risk of closure unless the government reviws tobacco legislation, following a report suggeting EUTPD2 has done little to curb illicit trade. 

The TMA published findings of its recent survey into the habits of 12,000 smokers this month. Findings reveal 76% of smokers buy untaxed tobacco at least once a year, from a combination of duty-free and illegal sources. This is an increase from 73% the previous year. 

It also found 28% of smokers were more tempted to buy untaxed tobacco because of plain packaging, while 37% were more likely to go to illegal sources because of regulations on minimum pack sizes.

Giles Roca, director general of the TMA, told RN: “The findings show EUTPD2 and regulations on plain packaging have done very little to tackle the issue of untaxed tobacco since their introduction last year.

“Smaller retailers are at risk because tobacco still generates footfall for them. One way to tackle the issue is to put a limit on the amount of tobacco an individual can bring into the country, such as 200 individual cigarettes.”

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