Republic Technologies has launched three new ranges of Zig-Zag household lighters to help retailers drive sales and offer shoppers more choice.

The new range is available now and includes Utility Lighters, Kitchen Lighters and Candle Lighters in five different colours, with an RRP of £1.

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The supplier said each Zig-Zag household lighter range uses shelf-ready packaging to increase visibility and retailers should dual-site each range with related categories to drive sales and encourage impulse purchases.

Zig-Zag Utility Lighters, Kitchen Lighters are available in packs of 12, with Candle Lighters available in packs of 18. Each lighter is refillable.

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Gavin Anderson, general sales manager at Republic Technologies, said: “The UK candle lighters market is currently worth £432,000 and following the recent withdrawal of the biggest supplier of candle lighters, there’s a gap in the market for retailers to invest in a proven supplier of quality lighters to bring sales and growth to the category.

“The latest new products from the Zig-Zag brand are perfectly place to build on the success of the category, with the utilities lighter market growing 4% year on year, giving retailers an opportunity to create an impactful display and drive sales within the category.”

The full range of Zig-Zag household lighters

Zig-Zag Utility Lighters: Made from AS plastic, which the suppliers claims is best suited to lighters due to heat resistant properties. The light also has a large gas capacity (2.5g) with a window for visibility and is refillable, delivering around 2,000 lights per fill.

Zig-Zag Candle Lighters: Uses a piezo ignition and has a child resistant button and is made from a thermoplastic to allow the lighters to be thin. Each lighter is refillable, offering a capacity of 400 lights per fill.

Zig-Zag Kitchen Lighters: Refillable and offers around 1,200 lights per fill, as well as featuring a child resistant safety lock and includes a colour coordinated refill in each pack.

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