Philip Morris has unveiled a redesign for the Marlboro range, which will be available to retailers from February 2.

For the past week, packs have displayed messages to prepare customers for the different look and PoS is also available.

The new packs have discarded the black lettering, added more emphasis on the Marlboro chevron and a soft touch finish. The cigarettes have thicker tipping paper designs and all except Ice Blast, which is a capsule product, include “firm filters”. The technology allows customers to stub without risk of breaking the filter.

The UK is the first market where Philip Morris has launched redesigns for all five Marlboro variants. Redesigned packaging for Marlboro Gold Touch will roll out later in the year.

Martin Inkster, Philip Morris managing director UK & Ireland told Retail Express that in a dark market, retailers have an opportunity to push premium cigarettes.

“If a customer walks in and a retailer knows that they are a Marlboro Gold smoker and can immediately grab it when asked, it’s better than walking into a store where they don’t you and maybe doesn’t know the category. I think there is a real opportunity for the independent trade,” he added.

James Robinson, marketing manager for Philip Morris, added: “When retailers stock Marlboro they are encouraging a more affluent consumer into their store, usually with a higher basket spend.”