With increased regulation for e-cigarettes and tobacco coming into force from May, a new nicotine product has launched that is free from the upcoming changes.

Nicoccino is thin, dissolvable strip that consumers can place under their lips and against their gums. Smokers feel a hot sensation as the nicotine is absorbed.

Available in packs of 10 films, RRP £4.99, Nicoccino can be made visible to shoppers and merchandised with other nicotine products or sited on the gantry.

Retailers can promote the range in store with free PoS, as well as sample it to their tobacco and nicotine consumers and advertise it in store.

The product is currently available from specialist tobacco distributor Gawith Hoggarth, as well as direct from the brand. Retailers can expect a profit on return of 30-40%, but should look out for promotional activity.

It is backed by outdoor advertising on billboards and the London Underground, as well as digital and social media activity.

James Higgs, international marketing director at Nicoccino, said Nicoincco is not a nicotine replacement product, it is an alternative nicotine consumer product.

“Smokers are actively seeking an effective alternative and Nicoccino provides a tobacco-free nicotine delivery,” he added.

Manufacturers must stop producing packs of tobacco smaller than 20 cigarettes or 30g RYO from May. Retailers will have a year to sell through existing stock.

E-cigarette cartridges will be reduced to 2ml and the nicotine strength of vaping liquid will be reduced from 24mg to 20mg.

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