Philip Morris is celebrating the summer festival season by launching limited-edition packaging for its Chesterfield and Marlboro Gold Original brands.

The manufacturer is releasing two designs called the ‘Band’ and the ‘Roadie’ on both Chesterfield Red and Blue Kingsize 19s packs. The Band packs feature a retro 50s chrome microphone, while the Roadie design features a collection of speakers and DJ decks. The Marlboro Gold Original design, which is available on 20s packs only, features a festival lanyard. 

On sale from late June, the new packs coincide with what is a key sales period for tobacco.

Zoe Smith, Philip Morris marketing director for the UK and Ireland, said the limited editions are available across the entire market. 

“Marlboro Gold Original is the UK’s best-selling premium brand, while Chesterfield delivers a competitive price and sales doubled last year, making it the third fastest-growing brand in the UK,” she said. 

“The music festival season presents an excellent opportunity for retailers to maximise their tobacco sales, so we encourage them to stock up on these limited-edition packs while stocks last.”