JTI has continued its crusade against the trade in illicit tobacco, ripping out gantries from two retailers in South East London caught with illegal goods.

The Smoke Them Out campaign is continuing to gather pace.

Almost 50 retailers have now got in touch with us to tell us about their issues and report stores – and in some cases houses, pubs and white vans – that are selling illicit products in their area.

We’ve been gathering information from legitimate retailers like you, whose tobacco sales are being destroyed by the black market. We are compiling a dossier of names, locations, experiences and facts to take to the highest level.

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Stones Newsagents in Lewisham and Little Heath Supermarket in Greenwich were prosecuted for selling illicit tobacco, and were fined a combined total of more than £6,000.

It’s not the first time JTI has taken action against independent retailers dabbling in the black market. The company first removed a gantry in October 2013 and took out two more in June this year.

Paul Williams, head of corporate affairs at JTI, said removing the gantries was the “right thing to do”. “Given the crimes which these retailers have committed we cannot allow JTI display equipment, which we have provided, to remain in their premises, he said.

“Prosecutions of retailers brazenly selling illegal cigarettes are increasing and reports like these appear in the local media on a weekly basis.

“Retailers’ involvement in these insidious crimes is totally unacceptable and more needs to be done to eradicate the sale of illegal tobacco.”