JTI has strengthened its policy on illicit trading by withdrawing its service from two retailers convicted of selling illegal tobacco.

The company has banned Mala Mini Market in Wembley from having access to JTI’s support and expertise after its owned pleaded guilty to selling illegal products.

Navamala Girirathan was ordered to pay £2,000 after Brent Council discovered 5,000 illegal cigarettes during a test purchase at her store last December.

JTI has announced that the store will no longer be able to access support and expertise from the company. This is the first time that JTI have removed its services in this way.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, said: “What is particularly disappointing is that the retailer admitted to obtaining their stock from an unknown man who visited the store. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.”

Last week JTI removed its gantry from Pall Mall News in Chorley, Lancashire after its owner was ordered to pay £700 after selling illicit tobacco.

smoke-them-outCharlie Cunningham-Reid, head of corporate affairs for JTI, said: “Yet again JTI has removed a gantry from a retailer found to be selling illegal tobacco and this clearly demonstrates our resolve in taking action against this activity.”

Know anyone selling illegal tobacco? Call 0207 689 3379