JTI is giving Hamlet cigars a modern look with a packaging redesign that focuses on the heritage of the brand.

The Hamlet singles 50s drum will also be offered in half outers for the first time, to reduce cash outlay for retailers.

Selected packs now feature fictional characters from the ‘Freeman business empire’. J R Freeman & Son were original founders of the cigar factory that made Hamlet.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, said the Hamlet range offers retailers a profit on return of up to 21.3% and encouraged stores to keep well stocked.

“Retailers should take time now in the run up to summer to make sure they understand what is happening in the cigar category and what sells well in their region,” he told Retail Express.

JTI has been helping retailers adapt to the dark market with a programme called Artist, a six-step guide that stands for Availability, Range, Training, Innovation, Sales and Technology.