Trade website JTI Advance is celebrating its one year anniversary and reaching 14,000 registrations this month by giving away a prize a day this month.

Prizes include Apple Watches, iPads, Kindles, cameras, tobacco stock. Retailers can enter by visiting the website and sharing their business success stories with other retailers.

Lorna Clark, customer marketing manager digital & technology, said JTI Advance grew significantly in 2014 to support retailers in the run up to the Retail Display Ban.

“We’re thrilled with the positive response that we’ve had from our trade partners and we anticipate that the site will only continue to grow,” she added.

JTI advance provides retailers with training, guides, quizzes, category insights and information about legislation. It recently launched an online price list tool, which has been used more than 5,000 times and enables retailers to create their own Retail Display Ban compliant customer price list.

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