A corrupt retailer has been allowed to continue working in a store – despite committing 27 offences of

Staff forced to sell illicit tobacco 

18 failed test purchases in 12 months 

£7.6k of illegal goods found


Retail Express was in Cheltenham Magistrates’ court to hear the case of Kaiwan Poore as it was revealed that he ignored repeated warnings by trading standards and forced his staff to carry and sell illicit goods.

When trading standards finally caught up with the dodgy retailer, they discovered that he stocked almost no legitimate tobacco on the gantry, and seized 555 packs of cigarettes and 10.5kg of handrolling tobacco – worth a total of £7,600.

Illicit tobacco Kaiwan Poore – before the retailer convicted for 27 offences of selling illicit tobcco

Despite the damage his crimes have had on fellow retailers’ livelihoods – as well as the community he is supposed to serve – Poore received just 120 hours of community service
and a £5,400 fine.

Alexander West, prosecuting, said: “We must deter others in the community from following his path. Legitimate traders are missing out and it is a matter of great importance to the local trading community.”

Tobacco found in the car boot near to the store Tobacco found in the car boot near to the store

The magistrate condemned Poore’s behaviour by highlighting his disregard for the community he serves.

“You were selling to vulnerable people on low incomes and children,” she said. “Above all, you were warned by trading standards but still dealt counterfeit products.”

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