Ahead of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy which begins on 6 April, experts Claire Keaveny and Jonny Acton from Lucozade Energy join Retail Express at Sue Nithyanandan’s Costcutter Epsom to show how an eye-catching display can drive sales from this fast-growing category

Previously we visited Anita Nye, who’s shop has a completely different type of chiller, here we expand on that advice.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Opportunity

£39,000 – The sales from soft drinks in the average convenience store.

• Effective PoS can encourage an additional 25% of shoppers to purchase.

Focus on


Sue Nithyanandan, Costcutter Epsom, Surrey

“My display is based on a planogram which is a couple of years old. I’ve felt constrained by it recently because so many new lines and formats have come to the market. I’d like to learn how to merchandise new products customers are asking for, like zero and low-calorie drinks. I’m excited about taking some of the guesswork out of my display, and taking on Lucozade Energy’s advice.”


Expert advice


Claire Keaveny & Jonny Acton, Senior Brand Manager & Field Sales Manager, Lucozade Energy

“Sue’s display is really clean and well lit – a basic but important thing. I can see there used to be a plan, but over time, products have shifted and new trends have been sandwiched in, which can confuse customers. There aren’t many low-calorie products or cans in the display, which is a missed opportunity. In light of the growth of low-sugar drinks and the resulting increased demand from shoppers, we’ll add them to the fixture.”


Before photo:

Action plan

• Shopper missions: Introduce other formats – such as cans – to attract additional sales from consumers on other shopper missions.

• Choice: Stock bestselling lines as well as low and zero-calorie drinks, such as Lucozade Zero, to ensure you meet all customer needs and are ready to help customers make healthier choices.

• Visibility: Use PoS and secondary sitings to support new products. Shelf-edge strips, wobblers, and bins of new products near the till will encourage additional purchases.

Lucozade Energy’s tips

1. Group products by colas, energy drinks and waters to make it easy for customers to find what they want

2. Double or triple-face popular products, such as Lucozade Energy Orange and Original flavours, to reduce time spent restocking

3. Ensure popular low and no-calorie options are placed beside core flavours to give shoppers healthier choices

4. Embrace cans to cater to different shopper missions and attract additional sales

What happens next?

Over the next month, Sue will follow Lucozade Energy’s expert advice and plan for her display. We’ll track the sales data at the store to see what changes.

Keep a look out for Retail Express on 13 March